Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Turnitin Advances Academic Integrity with Launch of iThenticate 2.0 and New Similarity Report

OAKLAND, Calif. - November 1, 2023

AI-powered capabilities and enhanced features anticipate market needs, deliver insights about use of AI writing tools and create a seamless user-experience

Wednesday 01 November 2023
Framsteg inom akademisk integritet: Turnitin lanserar iThenticate 2.0 och ny likhetsrapport.

OAKLAND, Kalifornien – 1 november 2023

AI-drivna funktioner och förbättrade funktioner förutser marknadens behov, levererar insikter runt användningen av AI-skrivverktyg och skapar en sömlös användarupplevelse.

Wednesday 01 November 2023
One piece at a time: Turnitin develops interactive AI writing puzzle

Oakland, Calif.

Turnitin launched an interactive AI writing resource that highlights the many pieces that make up this broader, complex, and ever-evolving puzzle, including updating academic policy, improving AI literacy, adopting new grading mindsets and talking to students about ethical use.

Thursday 21 September 2023
Turnitin Products Named Best in Show by Tech & Learning

Oakland, Calif.

Turnitin’s AI writing detection feature and Gradescope by Turnitin earned Best of Show honors from Tech & Learning for their efforts to transform education in schools around the world.

Wednesday 02 August 2023
Turnitin AI detection feature reviews more than 65 million papers

Oakland, Calif.

Today, Turnitin announced that more than 65 million papers have been reviewed since the April launch of its new feature that detects similarities to AI writing.

Monday 24 July 2023
Turnitin establishes local team in Malaysia

Malaysia Starting 30 June 2023, Turnitin will serve customers in Malaysia directly with a local team of four employees, as part of the company’s expansion efforts in the Asia Pacific region.

Thursday 29 June 2023
Turnitin celebrates 25 years in global academic integrity

Oakland, Calif.

Today, Turnitin celebrates its 25th anniversary, commemorating a quarter of a century in edtech innovation.

Monday 12 June 2023
Turnitin recognized by 2023 EdTech Digest Awards for outstanding contributions to edtech industry

Oakland, Calif.

For the 13th annual EdTech Digest Awards - the world’s largest awards program dedicated to education technology - Gradescope by Turnitin and Chief Product Officer Annie Chechitelli were recognized for their contributions in transforming education through technology by EdTech Digest.

Wednesday 10 May 2023
Academic misconduct risk plummets by 85 per cent as NextEd Group drives academic integrity with Turnitin


ASX-listed education provider empowers 200 educators at 11 brands with capabilities to optimise learning across content formats and assessment methods

Tuesday 09 May 2023