Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Plagiarism prevention trusted by educators worldwide

Make academic integrity a part of your workflow.

What you can do with Turnitin Similarity

Check for similarity in written work

High-quality, comprehensive similarity detection helps maintain your institution’s reputation.

Teach the importance of integrity

Make plagiarism a teachable moment by showing students how to maintain integrity in their work.

Integrate into existing workflows

Seamlessly integrate the industry’s top similarity checking tool into your learning management system.

Features Overview

Turnitin Similarity helps students and educators identify plagiarism while teaching students the importance of original work.

Comprehensive database

Compare student work against our industry-leading database of 47 Billion current and archived Internet pages, 1.9 Billion student papers, and over 190 million articles, from the top 97% of publications

Similarity Report

View an assignment’s similarity score, get color-coded results and side-by-side comparisons to sources. Exclude any unnecessary matches.

Flags panel

See when a student has replaced or hidden characters, or otherwise manipulated text in their assignments to try to circumvent plagiarism checks.

Seamless integration

Turnitin Similarity integrates with all the top learning management systems, collaboration tools, and single-sign-on services.

Go beyond similarity checking

Protect your institution from new and emerging trends in misconduct, including text spinning and contract cheating, with Turnitin Originality.

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